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Vail Reverse Mortgages

Shop for the best reverse mortgage deals in Vail, Colorado.  

Meet Kevin Guttman

Kevin Guttman Reverse Mortgages

Kevin Guttman

Jumbo Reverse Mortgage Specialist

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 Toll Free: (877) 251-9709



Shop for the best reverse mortgage deals in Vail, Colorado.

Kevin Guttman and Barrett Financial Group are a great team to talk to if you’re wondering about whether a reverse mortgage can help you, from Silverthorne to Gypsum and throughout Eagle County.

Kevin is a reverse mortgage specialist operating as a broker who has established trusted relationships with financial institutions like Finance of America, Longbridge Financial and Reverse Mortgage Funding.

This allows him to make available to his customers a vast array of products designed to help improve their financial standing. Kevin stands by the golden rule of treating his clients as though they were his own family. Since 2004, Kevin and his team have improved the lives of hundreds of people, many who have become repeat clients and 5-star reviewers!

Most of his business is gained by word of mouth — that’s how and why he is so successful.

Kevin has authored and published multiple books about the industry from retirement savings, reverse mortgages, and senior finance.

His most popular book, The Swiss Army Knife of Retirement Cash Flow, can be purchased on

Kevin has lived in Colorado since 1996, is a Paul Harris Fellow with Rotary, and a volunteer instructor with Junior Achievement.

He has been an ordained minister since 1991 and is actively involved in his community.

Vail, Colorado
Caption: Vail, Colorado Credit: Flickr

His clients and colleagues will tell you he is honest, trustworthy, and a provider of superior customer experience.

Kevin and his wife Sabrena have been married since 1988 and have five adult children as well as several grandchildren.

What is a reverse mortgage?

A reverse mortgage is such an incredible product because it gets results time and time again.

It is ideal for seniors who own their home but are watching their retirement plans disintegrate against the rising tide of inflation.

For seniors who have equity in their home, this product could be a godsend.

It allows them to turn that equity into a ready made income stream.

This can allay fears of having to sell their property to release funds.

The loan is available to anyone 62 years or older, with approved applicants happy in the knowledge they can stay in their much loved home — enjoying a more comfortable standard of living than they have been used to.

Homeowners can be paid funds in a number of different ways including a lump sum, monthly installments or a line of credit – even a combination of all three.

One of the best things about this loan is that as long as the terms are met, there is no need to repay it until either the homeowner sells the residence or the last surviving borrower passes away.

The cost of housing is soaring at a tremendous rate and homeowners in Vail have benefited with an incredible rise of 33.4 percent over the last 12 months taking average prices to $1,688,289 (*.

That’s potentially a lot of equity!

Vail may not be a big town but 20 people in the area already have a reverse mortgage with three signing up in the last 12 months*.

About Vail, Colorado

The Vail Ski Resort opened in December 1962 and four years later Vail was incorporated, after being established as a service town offering accommodation for residents and visitors to the mountain.

The ski resort along with Vail Pass were named after Charles Vail, the man who engineered Highway 6, now Interstate 70, through Eagle Valley in 1940.

Within seven years, Vail had grown to become the most popular ski resort in Colorado.

China Bowl, Tea Cup, Siberia and Mongolia Bowls opened in 1988, more than doubling Vail’s skiable terrain, making it the third largest ski field in North America.

Gore Creek runs through the town which is just 4.5 square miles and surrounded by the White River National Forest.

The biggest population growth happened during the 1970s when it grew 467 percent from just 484 to 2,261.

That has since more than doubled to 4,835 in 2020.

The Vail Film Festival is held annually in March with the Vail International Dance Festival and the Bravo! Vail classical music festival proving that culturally, Vail punches well above its weight.

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Kevin and his team at Barrett Financial Group are looking forward to answering all of your enquiries about reverse mortgage enquiries.

Please give Kevin a call at (877) 251-9709 and he will only be too happy to assist you.

*As at September 2022


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